INVICAT XS plasma cutter series reprezents the highest level of plasma cutter offered by our company. It is characterized by high accuracy, dynamics and loadability. It is suitable for companies searching for top level machine without compromises.


  • Robust, stable and extremely rigid construction
  • High movement dynamics with quality cut
  • High precision positioning with automatic correction
  • Linear guides on all axes
  • Wide range of optional accessories
  • Dimensions of burnt format up to 2m width x length with no limitation
  • B&R Automation control system and drives or all EDGE series systems from HYPERTHERM company
  • Possibility to install bevel head
  • Possibility to install the drill head
  • Multiple acetylene burners install option
  • THC Profi system with tripple sheet metal detection system
  • Advanced anti-collision system with redundant protection against machine damage
  • Automatic sheet metal search with auto-correction of format placement
  • Active suction or section suction according the table lenght
  • Plasma cutter head guiding system to cutting position with trajectory drawing
  • Intuitive software environment
  • VNC client
  • Remote device management
  • Possibility to link to CRM & ERP
  • Change-able parts management